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Race Discrimination

Racial discrimination is perhaps our country's most prominent national shame, with centuries of racial oppression, inequality, and bias in our past. But, of course, racial discrimination is unfortunately alive and well, even in a state as progressive as California, and racial discrimination in the workplace continues to cause significant financial and emotional injuries for workers. Whether you are a job applicant who has been rejected based on your race, a current employee who has not been promoted or face a hostile work environment based on your race, or a former employee who was wrongfully terminated and/or forced out of your job based on race, you may be able to bring a race-based employment discrimination claim for financial damages and injunctive relief.

At Vogel Law, APC in Pasadena, we take seriously the injustices of racial discrimination in the workplace. Our employment discrimination team represent workers and applicants who have been discriminated against on the basis of race, and will pursue all legal strategies to win the justice they deserve.   

California and Federal Protections Against Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits most employers from engaging in racial discrimination in the hiring and employment process. In addition, California state law provides strong protections for workers and applicants from racial discrimination in the workplace through the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Under both state and federal law, it is illegal to have company policies that discriminate against people based on race in hiring and employment, but it is also often illegal for those companies to allow practices to occur which have a racially discriminatory effect or to fail to prevent racially discriminatory behavior by supervisors and co-workers.

Common forms of racial discrimination in the workplace include:

  • Failing to hire a person based on race
  • Demoting a person based on race
  • Penalizing a person based on race
  • Assigning job tasks and duties based on race
  • Terminating an employee based on race or influencing them to quit
  • Creating a hostile work environment where racial insensitivity is tolerated

Pursuing Your Race-Based Employment Discrimination Claim

When you consult with an attorney at the Law Offices of Brian I. Vogel, we will take the time to listen to your concerns and help you assess whether or not you have a viable employment discrimination claim.

Often times racial discrimination in the workplace is well hidden, and discriminatory actions are presented as having non-racial justifications, but, should we represent you, we will fully investigate the situation to determine whether illegal racial discrimination occurred, all in pursuit of winning the justice you deserve in the form of financial compensation and/or injunctive relief, including being restored to your position.

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